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Can you name the 10 Odd inventions? (From Historylist.com)

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The _____ HatSafari hat with two transistors sticking out of the top like horns and a circular antenna in the rear; complete with headphones; introduced in 1949, billed as 'Man from Mars _____ Hat' it sold well for a little about 6 years in the US.
_____ for the BedriddenThe Spokesman Review (1935) contains an article about a bedridden woman who told her nurse she missed tickling the ivories; two days later porters slid one over her that could be played while she was laying prone in bed.
Radio _____W.G.H. Finch invented a radio that would print out a newspaper over night; unfortunately having a noisy machine operating in the middle of the night did not seem preferable to newspaper delivery.
_____ maskA plastic cone shield that was made to protect people's faces during inclement weather in Quebec (1939).
_____ UmbrellaModern Mechanix (1931) described this pipelike invention with a cherished item stuck vertically at its end, with an umbrella overhead.
_____ StickLuke Moon (1867) wanted to find a way to put this dairy product on his scones quickly during a game of cricket; his teammate Michael Apeness stole the idea; it was essentially a glue stick, for people who find knives too challenging!
_____ UmbrellasA pair of umbrellas to go on the toes, to keep this dry; might be useful for Maxwell Smart to keep his phone dry!
_____ Milk DunkerCan be found for sale on: thedipr.com ; speaks of the popularity of the cookie; question is, does it handle double-stuffed as well?
Self High _____ MachineNobody around to congratulate you after you perform an awesome feet; get a high _____ from this machine!
_____ SwimsuitsWhile, with the exception of Natalie, this usually floats, they never quite caught on except as a promotion for the lumbar industry.

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