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ContinentAnswerDescription; Evidence of Corruption
AsiaExtremely poor, but oil rich.
Government controlled media.
Citizen travel abroad, tightly regulated.
One of the last central Asian countries to leave the Soviet Union.
Politically corrupt: One party rule, political meeting not allowed unless sanctioned by the government.
Universities often deny admission if the candidate does not have a last name of the 'right ethnicity.'
President Berdymukhammedov promotes a personality cult, bookstores stocked with his works.
AfricaNicknamed 'Dead Heart of Africa'
One of the poorest nations in the world
Attempted coups in 2006 and 2008, in part stemming from the alteration
of the Constitution to allow the President, Idriss Deby, a third term
Virtually nonexistent communications system; 14,000 fixed telephone lines for the entire country
Ever since the Revolution of 1987, the development of Railroad Infrastructure has been impeeded
The print media is heavily censored by the government, though the majority of the population is illiterate
Sudanese refugees complicate matters, with 170,000 displaced refugees living in desperate conditions
AfricaSeveral episodes of civil warfare since its independence in 1956
Infrastructure is in shambles, and no means exist to rebuild
One of the largest nations in Africa, even after the secession of the southern portion of this nation
High levels of corruption in both formerly united nations remains an impediment to progress
Darfur region: pro-Arab militias implemented an ethnic-cleansing regime that killed off many non-Arabs
AfricaSmall West Central African nation
Press is heavily regulated and censored
Less than 1/2 of the population has access to clean water
One of the worst civil rights records in the history of the world
Due to oil, one of the most prosperous countries in the African continent
Most of the wealth goes to government officials, 70% of citizens living on less than $2 a day
President Nguema converted the country into a single-party state in 1970 instituting a reign of terror
Nguema overthrown in 1979, constitutional democracy was established, but elections are routinely rigged
AsiaRuled for 100 years by Russia Empire and Soviet Union, it gained independence in 1991
Most populated country in Central Asia, rich in resources like cotton, gold and oil
Key exports of this resource-rich country only reap benefits for the ruling elite
Corruption has been a growing issue in this country that only keeps getting worse
Economic development under strict control by government, independent private sector is forbidden
Even though the population is impoverished, officials continue to restrict foreign investment and imports
Has a constitution but is authoritarian and takes extreme measures against human rights
Uses torture against political opponents
Despite constitutionally guaranteed freedom of press, press is censored
Tajik population is not allowed to speak their own language, literary works are often destroyed
AsiaInvasion of US troops in 2003 destroyed the economy
Violence and Insurgency are constant problems, though below their 2007 peak
War against the insurgency continues, though a war against corruption is badly needed
Minority groups like Kurds, Assyrians, Roma and Turkmen are treated as second class citizens
AsiaCentral Asian country has been war torn since the 1970s
Taliban remnants still wreck havoc in this nation
Bribery and Opium provide the two highest sources of income
UNODC survey: 59% of people perceive dishonesty as a bigger problem than insecurity or unemployment
AfricaThis country in the Horn of Africa hasn't had an effective government since 1991
Radical militant and Islamic insurgency are major problems
Government is ineffectual, citizens face random violence: roadblocks, kidnapping, murder
Warlords skip taxes, sell expired food & drugs, and commercialize public-sector parts of the economy for profit
Coast rife with pirates
AsiaFrom 1962 - 2010 this Southeast Asian country was ruled by various military regimes
Key industries run by military which forcibly moved people, and enslaved both adults and children
Military even engaged in heroin trafficking
Military junta was dissolved in 2011, and replaced by an nominally civilian elected government
Ethnic cleansing of the largely Muslim Rohingya minority continues
Worst health care on earth
AfricaSmall landlocked Eastern African country
Ongoing problems of ethnic tensions and fights between the Hutu and Tutsi
1994 - 2008 ethnic warfare led to death of 300,000
Extremely corrupt police forces
Government leaders commonly accept bribes and embezzle money
2009, Ernest Manirumva, the country’s head anti-corruption campaigner,
was abducted from this office, taken to his house, and stabbed to death
Non-nationals are wary of donating resources here, because so little ends up going to people in need

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