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Can you name the 10 Largest Sea Creatures?

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Ave: 70-90 feet long
Record: 110 ft
Tongue weighs 4 tons (about the same as an African elephant)
Grows up to 88 feet, 80 tonsNicknamed 'the greyhounds of the sea' because of
their fast swimming speed, which is up to 23 mph
Up to 65 feet
weigh up to 75,000 lbs
Largest fish species in the world (with a mammal's name!)
Including tentacles,
125 - 130 feet long
Thin tentacles resemble the head of the king of the jungle, leading to its name
Ave span 22 feet, up to 30 feetLarge pectoral fins give the appearance of this creature gliding through the ocean
Tentacles over 50 feet longCan be identified by their purplish-blue float, which is only about 6 inches across; resembles a jellyfish, but is actually a siphonophore
Can be longer than
#1 on this list
Colonial organisms, so rather than one whole being, they are formed by many bodies called zooids; these organisms are specialized for certain functions like feeding, movement and reproduction - and all strung together on a stem called a stolon so together, they act like one organism
Est ave length 33 ft
largest 43 - 60 ft; 1 ton
Largest eyes of any animal, about the size of a dinner plate;
rarely seen, only filmed in 2006
Thought to grow to
lengths of about 45 feet
Not often seen, not discovered until 1925
10 - 15 feet in length
up to 20 feet
Largest apex predator

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