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1933First of the giants
1953Ray Harryhausen's first
1954King of the Monsters
1954Giant ants
1955Universal pictures giant spider
1956Toho pictures giant pterodactyl
1957Giant praying mantis
1958Allison Hayes as a giant
1959How large the [title] grows, no one can say
1961Giant dinosaur in London
1962#1 and #3
1964Giant flying dragon from Toho
1965Daiei giant turtle
1968The whole Toho gang
1972DeForrest Kelley fights giant rabbits
1977Joan Collins and giant ants
1980Lives in the sewers
1982Giant bird-reptile in NYC
1990Worms under the sand
1995Filmed in Michigan
1997You mean there's snakes out here that big?
1999Animated, but huge
2006South Korean amphibious monster

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