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Can you name the Best B-Movies of all time according to Paste Magazine

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1987Andy Sidaris
2003Tommy Wiseau
2008James Nguyen
1989Amir Shervan
1990Claudio Fragasso (as Drake Floyd)
2006Scott Glosserman
1978Chang Cheh
1987Richard Park and Y.K. Kim
1982Chang Cheh
1996James A Contner
1959Ed Wood
1959William Castle
1985Dan O'Bannon
2009Jordan Downey
1965Norman Taurog
2010Glenn Berggoetz
1981Menahim Golan
1992Peter Jackson
1985Len Cella
1986Jim Wynorski
2009Neil Breen
1988Kevin S. Tenney
1977Al Adamson
1984Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman (as Samuel Weil)
1989BJ Davis
1974Jack Hill
1991Donald G. Jackson
1994Godfrey Ho (as Godfrey Hall)
1963Roger Corman
1994David Giancola
2001Larry Blamire
1957Jack Arnold
2002Sam Mraovich
1986Richard W. Haines and Lloyd Kaufman (as Samuel Weil)
2012Garrett Brawith
1988David Winters
1987Donald G. Jackson
1975Paul Bartel
2002David Worth
1996Tony Zarindast
1987Gary Goddard
1989Albert Pyun
1965Freddie Francis
1955Robert Gordon
1984Sam Firstenberg
1988The Chiodo brothers
1987Ruggero Deodato
1987Lee Harry
1965Russ Meyer
1962Bert I. Gordon
1997John R. Leonetti
1988Stewart Rafill
1997Anthony Doublin
1984Douglas Cheek
1991Mark L. Lester
1994Fred Olen Ray
1986David A. Prior
1976Jimmy Wang
1988David DeCoteau
1959William Castle
1982Antonio Margheriti (under the pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson)
1990Tjardus Greidanus
1967Ishiro Honda
1985Larry Cohen
1982Hal Needham
1961William Castle
1972Eugenio Martin
1963Roger Corman
2005John Gulager
1984Joe D'Amato
2005Charles Band
2006Lloyd Kaufman
1953Phil Tucker
1969Gilberto Martinez Solares
1982Frank Henenlotter
2009Larry Blamire
1953Eugene Lourie
1995Brian Trenchard-Smith
1988Rick Sloane
1992John Paragon
2005Uwe Boll
1978Joe Dante
1970Roy Ward Baker
1958Irvin Yeaworth
1985Godfrey Ho
1974Larry Cohen
1975D’Urville Martin
2013Anthony C. Ferrante
1986John Guillermin
1977George Barry
1973John Frankenheimer
2012Larry Kasanoff
1982Steven Hilliard Stern
2012Timo Vuorensola
1990Dirk Campbell
1971Jack Hill
1970Arthur Allen Seidelman
1957Fred F. Sears

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