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QUIZ: Can you name the 50s Alien Invasion Movies?

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Year/StarsMoviePlot Summary
1950/Mikel Conrad
1951/Michael Rennie
1951/Kenneth Tobey
1951/Robert Clarke
1953/Richard Carlson
1953/George Nader
1953/Ted Cooper
1953/Hans Conreid
1953/Jimmy Hunt
1953/Gene Barry
1954/Peter Graves
1954/Patricia Neal
1954/Richard Denning
1955/Jeff Morrow
1956/Kevin McCarthy
1956/Hugh Beaumont
1956/Peter Graves
Year/StarsMoviePlot Summary
1957/Robert Clarke
1957/Jeff Morrow
1957/Steven Terrell
1957/Kenji Sahara
1957/Paul Birch
1958/Gloria Talbot
1958/John Baer
1958/Bill Williams
1958/Ed Nelson
1959/John Agar
1959/Ryo Ikebe
1959/Bela Lugosi
1959/Arthur Franz
1959/Barbara Wilson
1959/David Love
1959/John Carradine

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