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Forced Order
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TopicsChapter #
Samuel Dies, David, Nabal, and Abigail
Birth of Samuel, Samuel Given to the LORD
Ark to Abinidab, Samuel Judges Israel at Mizpah
Philistines Capture the Ark, Eli Dies
David at Adullam and Mizpeh, Saul Kills Priests at Nob
David Anointed, Called to Serve for Saul
David Eats Holy Bread, Flees to Achish at Gath
Israel Wants a King
Saul Against Amalek, The LORD Rejects Saul
David Spares Saul in the Cave
David Saves Keilah, Saul Pursues David
Death of Saul
Philistines Instigated, Saul's Sacrifice at Gilgal
The Ark in the Philistine Cities
Samuel's Farewell Address
Jonathan Takes an Outpost, Saul's Vow, Jonathan Eats Honey, Saul Defeats More Enemies
TopicsChapter #
Jonathan Warns David after Testing Saul
David Spares Saul in his Camp
Saul at Endor
Saul Defeats the Ammonites, Kingship Renewed
Saul Anointed, Made King over Israel
The Ark Returned
Saul Meets Samuel, Chosen to be King
Saul Throws Spear at David, Prophets at Ramah
David and Jonathan Friends, Saul Jealous, David Marries Michal
Samuel Called
Philistines Reject David
Hannah's Prayer, Evil of Eli's Sons, Household Rejected
David's Wives Captured, Defeats Amalekites
David and Goliath
David Flees to the Philistines and Achish

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