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Detective in Homicide Department, promoted to Sergeant David Zayas
Sister and Homicide DetectiveJennifer Carpenter
CI and musicianDavid Ramsey
Transferred into Homicide department as partner to D.MorganDesmond Harrington
Internal Affairs OfficerLiza Lapira
Girlfriend (or wife), mother of 3Julie Benz
Assistant District AttorneyJimmy Smitts
Command of Homicide DepartmentLauren Velez
ADA's deceased brotherNick Hermz
Adotive MotherKathrin Lautner
Blood Spatter and Forensic ExpertMichael C. Hall
Records SupervisorMargo Martindale
Step DaughterChristina Robinson
Narcotic Anonymous sponserJamie Murray
Drug DealerMike Erwin
The SkinnerJesse Borrego
Miami Tribune ReporterCourtney Ford
Deputy CheifGeoff Pierson
FBI Special AgentKeith Carradine
Adoptive fatherJames Remar
Biological MotherSage Kirkpatrik
Replacement for Command of HomicideJudith Scott
ADA's brotherJason Manuel Olazabel
Accused of being Bay Harbor ButcherErik King
Defense AttorneyAnne Ramsay
Ice Truck KillerChristian Camargo
Trinity KillerJohn Lithgow
SonBrandon Michael Bass
ADA's wifeValerie Cruz
Forensic InvestigatorC.S. Lee
Step Son Preston Bailey
Abusive ex husbandMark Pellegrino

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