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Wrestler/AgeCause of DeathYear of Death
Frank Gotch Age 391917
Earl Caddock Age 621950
Gorgeous George Age 481963
Ed 'The Strangler' Lewis Age 751966
Stanislaus Zbyszko Age 881967
Georg Hackenschmidt Age 891968
Joe Stecher Age 801974
Antonino Rocca Age 571977
Peter Maivia Age 451982
The Grand Wizard Age 541983
David Von Erich Age 251984
Rick McGraw Age 30 1985
Eddie Graham Age 551985
Gino Hernandez Age 281986
Mike Von Erich Age 231987
Adrian Adonis Age 331988
Bruiser Brody Age 421988
Haystacks Calhoun Age 551989
Dick the Bruiser Age 621991
Buzz Sawyer Age 321992
'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers Age 711992
Uncle Elmer Age 541992
Andre the Giant Age 461993
Kerry Von Erich Age 331993
Dino Bravo Age 441993
Art Barr Age 281994
Jerry 'Crusher' Blackwell Age 451995
Eddie Gilbert Age 331995
Wrestler/AgeCause of DeathYear of Death
Big John Studd Age 461995
Dick Murdoch Age 491996
Brian Pillman Age 351997
Bobo Brazil Age 731998
Louie Spicolli Age 271998
The Junkyard Dog Age 451998
Giant Haystacks Age 521998
Giant Baba Age 611999
Renegade Age 331999
Rick Rude Age 411999
Owen Hart Age 341999
Gorilla Monsoon Age 621999
Bobby Duncum Jr. Age 342000
Yokozuna Age 38 2000
Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy Age 402001
Bertha Faye Age 402001
Chris Adams Age 462001
Lou Thesz Age 862002
Big Dick Dudley Age 342002
Davey Boy Smith Age 392002
Rocco Rock Age 492002
The Sheik Age 792003
'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig Age 442003
Miss Elizabeth Age 422003
'Classy' Freddie Blassie Age 852003
'Pitbull' Anthony Durante Age 362003
Road Warrior Hawk Age 462003
Crash Holly Age 322003
Wrestler/AgeCause of DeathYear of Death
Moondog Spot Age 512003
'The Wall' Jerry Tuite Age 362003
Hercules Hernandez Age 452004
The Big Bossman Age 422004
Chris Candido Age 332005
Alfred Hayes Age 772005
Eddie Guerrero Age 382005
Johnny Grunge Age 392006
'Eathquake' John Tenta Age 422006
Bam Bam Bigelow Age 452007
Mike Awesome Age 422007
Bad News Brown Age 632007
Ernie Ladd Age 682007
Sherri Martel Age 492007
Nancy Benoit Age 432007
Chris Benoit Age 402007
John Kronus Age 382007
Brian Adams Age 432007
Fabulous Moolah Age 842007
Killer Kowalski Age 812008
S.D. Jones Age 632008
Andrew 'Test' Martin Age 332009
Steven Dunn Age 482009
'Playboy' Buddy Rose Age 562009
Lou Albano Age 762009
Eddie 'Umaga' Fatu Age 362009
'Dr. Death' Steve Williams2009

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