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Gackt's Last Name
Band before he became solo
Number of Albums (including compilation)
The year Gackt claims to be born in
The year Gackt was actually born in
Final fantasy character based on Gackt
Number of Arena Concerts
Gackt's favourite anime
TV variety that Gackt was a regular in
Why was his character in Mr. Brain prosecuted?
The other members of S.K.I.N.
His character on Fuurin Kazan
His first Hollywood Debut
He was born where in Japan
Age he started to play piano
Gackt claims that he is a
Gackt's lead guitarist
Gackt's best friend
Collaborated with Hyde for the song
He wrote the story to the movie
Gackt's friend who sang in the chinese version of december love song
He played this instrument in opening of 6th day 7th night concert
Title of his auto biography
Co-stars with which actress for Takanoyuri beauty spa CM
Name of his new band
Name of his fan club
His persona in Requiem and Reminiscence is a
What year does he claim he will die at the end video shown in concert
What is characteristic of Gackt concerts at its halfway point
In which PV does Gackt have an asian girl instead of a Caucasian
Who is the asian girl
Brand of Guitar Gackt uses
Number of Singles
Gackt is known for cutting what out of his diet
Gackt's favourite food
Gackt's first love
With whom did he do a duet of silent night
What is Gackt's Birthday
What did he get beat up by his dad for disassembling
For which single did gackt dress up as a girl

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