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QuestionsAnswerNYC or NJ
Who says, ' Our family is as thick as thieves'New Jersey (Season 1)
What is Bethenny Frankel's husband's name?New York City (Season 3)
What is the name of Danielle's bodygaurd?New Jersey (Season 2)
What type of cancer did Jill's husband have?New York City (Season 2-3)
What is the name of the book about Danielle?New Jersey (Season 1)
What was Kelly eating during her 'breakdown' at Ramona's bridal shower?New York City (Season 3)
What is Dina in relation to Caroline?New Jersey (Every Season)
What is the name of Bethenny's dog?New York City (Every Season)
What is the name of Jacqueline's Husband?New Jersey (Every Season)
How old is Jill?New York City (Every Season)
QuestionsAnswerNYC or NJ
What was the age difference between Danielle and ex- Boyfriend Steve?New Jersey (Season 1)
Who is the new housewive in season 2?New York City (Season 2)
What happens in Season one finale?New Jersey (Season 1)
What magazine did Kelly pose for?New York City (Season 3)
What did Teresa give her daughter for her 9th birthday?New Jersey (Season 2)
What did Alex's kids 'supposedly' do to a random stranger?New York City (Season 3)
Who is left the show on Season 2 episode 7?New Jersey (Season 2)
Bethenny says what to Jill on the voicemail?New York City (Season 2)
What gender is Teresa's last baby?New Jersey (Season 2)
What does Mario say about LuAnn?New York City (Season 2)

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