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I first caught the sun at noon today. To get another 24 hours. I lept & broke my bedframe. Which the termites have devoured.
One with the raging wind, alive on the highest tides, my ship at sail can climb a mountain, ride it to the sky.
All while your dreams are fading like the sea, Now I'm at ease deflating on a whim, and I found peace on the waiting room floor.
We come from the city. We come from the jungle.
In wide open spaces we sing with strings, launch a full on musical cannonball. Guided by bells that we bring and they ring. Sound for the sky and the sun, our own waterfall.
Corrinado flies over the sea for, Leora today. And in one day He went from his cell to the sky At his last chance to fly
And I step into a black hole take a step a back so maybe i'll want you in my head
City boy's out of his mind again. Oh yeah, oh yeah. City boy's out of his mind again.
*Song name,* look out below. *Song name,* flying low.
Look out! Splattums!
I'm gonna go out and jam. I'm gonna go out and party. I got a brand new mission. So bring your ass to the party!
And as the tears roll down your face, And as our bodies fly through space.
All social situations, he handles like a dream a chameleon in space and form, in color too it seems.
Another evening, vanished in your arms. And you wonder why I sleep through my alarm.
I hope these aren't dying words. And I'll keep flying with the birds. Swimming in the magic reef. Dancing like a falling leaf.
Corrinado slipped the chopping block, the onlookers in fear and shock. He bolted swiftly through the crowd. The women yelled and screamed aloud.
Where's the gold I'm looking for. The cauldron black and hot. The silver teacup overflows, and shows me to the spot.
You can download my feed at the speed of lightning. I promise you won't get no static, my system is automatic, Girl...
Man of the hour, Klimpsch, you're the man of the year, Why don't you trust the woman that took you there?
It seems that every day, the kitchen has gone awry. Apathito's the first to point out that the place is such a sty.

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