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'Let others rise to take our place until the earth is free!'
'Hey little boy, what's this I see?'
'Look down, Javert, he's standin in his grave'
'It's the police disappear, run for it, it's Javert!'
'And not I know how freedom feels, a jailer always at your heels. It is the law.'
'But M'sieur Mayor...' 'I will see it done'
'He will bend, he will break, this time there is no mistake!'
'She was more than you deserved.'
'I remember that night. And the vow that we made'
'Who am I? Who am I?' 'You're Jean Valjean'
'That inspector thinks he's something, but it's me who runs this town'
'What's the difference die a schoolboy, die a policeman, die a spy!'
' 'Ponine what are you doing? 'Ponine have you no fear?'
'Alone I wait in the shadows. I count the hours 'til I can sleep.'
'You need somebody quicker and I volunteer!'

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