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'We got this man, we got this by the ass!'
'There's no smoking in the Skull Cave.'
'They were good boys, but they made a lot of racket, especially at night.'
'That's OK, I don't shop here.'
'I decided to purchase these items as well'
'Creature ate my Twinkie!'
'Watch your robe, Socrates.'
'What do you want to watch, cheese or snow?'
'I'm a New York City girl, it's a little too quiet around here for me.'
'Top secret James Bond kind of stuff.'
QuotesWho Said
'You ate a whole wheel of cheese?'
'I think I'll have a shower.'
'I thought the stories were told to frighten young children, but I learned the Thugge were once real.'
'Get in the car, Tannen'
'I stole the baby!'
'Bitches leave!'
'I didn't say nice wig, I said bestest looking wig. I believe there's a difference.'
'Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.'
'I talked to Ben Hubbard yesterday...'
'See, he saw it on the television.'

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