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QUIZ: The answers to each question have a connection. Find the connection to help solve your missing answers.

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Which California punk band had hits with the albums American Idiot and 21st Century breakdown?
Name the religious character in Cleudo
Which film stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan?
What is the full name of the character on the TV show Friends played by Jennifer Aniston?
Reine Claude is the technical name for which fruit, cultivated from wild plums?
Which song written by Claude Putman Junior, has been covered by Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Kenny Rogers?
Which NZ franchise company does car valets, plumbing, lawn mowing, ironing and cleaning jobs?
Which Fleetwood Mac guitarist became schizophrenic and spent time in mental institutions?
In which film does Michael Clarke Duncan portray John Coffey?
What is the Connection?

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