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Granadilla is another name for which fruit?
Which US state is named on the label of a Jack Daniels bottle?
A couple celebrating their crystal wedding anniversary have been married for how many years?
Kodiak Island is in which US state?
Entomology is the science that studies
Name one subject the Noble Peace Prize is awarded in
The Hitler party that came into power in 1933 is known as the____ party
In which sport would you use a chucker?
What is the national emblem of Canada, eh?
In the song `The 12 days of Christmas`, what are the 6 geese a-doing?
How many rings are on the Olympic flag?
Where in your body is your patella?
Whose nose grew when he told a lie?
Which country grows the most fruit?
Which car company makes the Celica?
What type of acid is used in car batteries?
What is classified by the A B O system?
Ray Bolger played who in The Wizard of Oz?
Which chess piece could be a member of the church?
Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond State?
What's the last name of the author who created the children's land of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?
In what industry did John Davidson Rockefeller get rich?
What is the staple food of one third of the worlds population?
Who sold Louisiana to the USA in 1803?
Who is the only American president elected unopposed?
In which country was Auschwitz?
On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake?
Which bird turns it head upside down to eat?

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