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First x-men villain. Can move steel
Survival of the fittest
Master geneticist
Can take so many shapes
Aliens who take over aperson by an implanted egg
Can absorb mutant energy, lives in a southern jungle
Techno-organic aliens that assimilate life energy
Master of the hounds, future harpooner
Robots that hunt mutants
Mutants that live in the sewers
Mutant hunters, that kill with no mercy
Animalistic mutant that attacks wolverine on his birthday
Master of Murder World
A mixture of Nimrod and Master Mold
Evil Mutants led by Magneto and sometimes others
Followers of Magneto. Lived on Avalon
Mutant terrorist group last led by Reignfire
Merc with a mouth
Drains life energy with his tendrils (russian)
Oriental cyborg. Kills with claws
Leader of the Church of Humanity
Lives in the Astral Plane
Cyborg assassins. Lived in Australia
Rich socialite mutants. Manipulated Jean Grey
Life giving cosmic force that went mad
Spineless One that addicts others to his television programs
Evil Twin of Professor X
Evil Clone of Cable
Evil Clone of Jean Grey

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