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Forced Order
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Capital of an African country entirely enclaved by another
Capital where Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in 1914
Highest elevated capital in the world
Only capital in the world that begins with a Z
5-letter capital that begins the same as the name of its country
Capital beginning and ending with W
Most populated french-speaking capital city in the world
Southernmost capital in the world
Least populated capital in the world, located in the Pacific
Most populated capital in Africa
Capital of the country sharing the shortest border with China
Capital of a country that has been neutral in every conflict since 1815
Capital beginning with D of a country ending in -stan
Northernmost capital in the world
Capital that is home to the European Commission
Most densely populated capital in the world
Capital with the highest crime rate in the world
Only european capital having 'tt' in its name
Only capital in the world that begins with a Q
Capital of the smallest island country in the Middle-East

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