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Forced Order
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QuoteWho said it?Who it was said to
'My girlfriend wasn't the only one with 34 C's!'Private Dancer
DON'T look at me while i'm talking to you!J.D.
No to black or no to whale?Turk
This is the man you'll be competing with for your father's love.Izzy
I'm gonna go get jack some blush, this collar is really washing him out.Dr. Cox
Those two remind me of two dogs I used to haveBoone
In my house it's no pants, no problemDr. Cox
Well you can cross off keys in the faceJ.D.
I look good in a fedoraJ.D.
Girl, you are wearing that dressCarla
QuoteWho said it?Who it was said to
I am happy, you are happy...Ted
Let's get our talk onTurk
If your're a doodyface don't say anythingKelso
Carla- finally, a friendly faceCarla
You ever been vanning?Molly clock
Growl for meTurk
You said goodJ.D.
I love you more than TurkElliot
God, I wish I was ethnic!Carla
I would like everyone to meet joshSquirrel counsel

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