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QUIZ: Can you name all NBA foreign players in history?

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HungaryPlayed for Bulls, Cavaliers, Raptors, Pistons
Slovakia1x NBA ring (Rockets)
AustriaPlays for Raptors
Czech Rep.1995 NCAA champion
Czech Rep.Played for Warriors, Celtics, Cavaliers, Bucks
Czech Rep.Played for Wizards, Nuggets
Czech Rep.Plays for Wizards
Usa (born in Germany)Played for Huskies, Celtics
GermanyPlayed for Knicks
Usa (born in Germany)1974 All-rookie 1st team
Usa (born in Germany)2x AllStar
Usa (born in Germany)Played for Pacers
Germany3x AllStar
GermanyPlayed for Mavericks, Warriors, Spurs
Germany1993 European champion
Usa (born in Germany)Played for Nets, Clippers. Brother of Derek Fisher
Usa (born in Germany)1x NBA ring (Bulls)
Germany1997 most blocks in NBA
Germany1x NBA ring (Mavericks), 1x MVP
Usa (born in Germany)2008 Olympic gold, 2x AllStar
Germany (born in Usa)1x AllStar
Usa (born in Germany)Played for Kings
GermanyPlayed for Rockets
GermanyPlays for Hawks
GermanyPlayed for Lakers
GermanyPlayed for Jazz
GermanyPlays for Bulls
NorwayPlayed for Clippers
Usa (born in Sweden)1997 NCAA champion
SwedenPlayed for Pistons, plays for Celtics
SwedenPlayed for Bobcats, Hornets
FinlandPlayed for Hawks
Finland (born in France)Played for Bulls
EstoniaPlayed for Heat, Mavericks
LatviaPlayed for Timberwolves
LatviaPlayed for Warriors, Jazz
Latvia2016 All-rookie 1st team
LatviaPlays for Spurs
Poland (born in Usa)Played for Bucks
PolandPlayed for Grizzlies, Suns, Knicks
PolandPlayed for Suns, Hornets, Rockets
PolandLost NBA finals with Magic
Lithuania1988 Olympic gold
Lithuania1982 World champion, 1988 Olympic gold
Lithuania2x AllStar
Lithuania2003 European champion
Lithuania2003 European champion
Lithuania2003 European champion
LithuaniaPlayed for Nuggets, Raptors
LithuaniaPlayed for Cavaliers
LithuaniaPlays for Raptors
LithuaniaPlayed for Rockets, plays for Pelicans
LithuaniaPlays for Knicks
Lithuania (born in Usa)Son of former Olympic and World champion
Belarus (born in Usa)Played for Sixers, Clippers
RussiaPlayed for Hawks
Russia (born in Usa)Played only 2 games for Nuggets
Russia1x AllStar
Russia (born in Usa)Played for Hawks
Russia (born in Ukraine)2007 European champion
RussiaLost NBA finals with Mavericks (didn't play playoffs)
RussiaPlayed for Clippers
Russia2007 European champion
Russia1x NBA ring (Cavaliers)
RussiaPlayed for Timberwolves, Sixers, Rockets
RussiaPlayed for Cavaliers, Nets
Russia1x NBA ring (Cavaliers)
Ukraine (born in Russia)1988 Olympic gold
UkrainePlayed for Cavaliers, Celtics, Sonics, Kings
Ukraine2x NBA rings (Lakers)
UkrainePlayed for Jazz, Pacers
UkrainePlayed for Wizards, Timberwolves
Ukraine (born in Usa)Played for Kings
UkrainePlayed for Pistons, Suns
UkrainePlays for Suns
UkrainePlays for Jazz
Usa (born in Romania)1976 Olympic gold
RomaniaTallest NBA player ever (ties record)
BulgariaPlayed for Suns
Bulgaria (born in Usa)Played for Hawks, Nuggets
HintAnswerExtra info
Macedonia (born in Usa)Played for Cavaliers
Macedonia (born in Usa)Played for Spurs
MacedoniaPlayed for Hawks
Serbia1990 & 2002 World champion, 1x AllStar
Serbia (born in Montenegro)1990 World champion
SerbiaPlayed for Cavaliers, Heat
Serbia1990 World champion
Serbia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)1989, 1991, 1995 & 1997 European champion
SerbiaPlayed for Nuggets
Serbia1998 World champion
Serbia (born in Croatia)1x NBA ring (Mavericks), 2002 World champion, 3x AllStar
Serbia2001 European champion
Serbia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)2002 World champion
Serbia1998 World champion
Serbia2002 World champion
Serbia2002 World champion
Serbia (born in Montenegro)Lost NBA finals with Cavaliers
Serbia1x NBA ring (Pistons)
SerbiaPlayed for Nets, Thunder, Celtics
Serbia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)Played for Nets
Serbia (born in Croatia)Played for Warriors
Serbia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)1x NBA ring (Warriors)
SerbiaPlayed for Warriors
SerbiaPlayed for Bucks, Timberwolves
SerbiaPlays for Timberwolves
Serbia2016 All-rookie 1st team
SerbiaPlayed for Spurs, plays for Pistons
Bosnia Herzegovina (born in Montenegro)Played for Raptors, Jazz
Bosnia HerzegovinaPlayed only 1 game for Pistons
Bosnia Herzegovina (born in Usa)2003 All-rookie 1st team
Bosnia HerzegovinaPlayed for Nets, Suns, plays for Bucks
Bosnia HerzegovinaPlayed for Nuggets, plays for Blazers
Montenegro1998 & 2002 World champion
Montenegro (born in Croatia)Played for Nuggets
Montenegro (born in Serbia)2002 World champion
MontenegroPlayed only 1 game for Blazers
Montenegro (born in Usa)Played for Blazers, Raptors
Montenegro (born in Usa)Played for Kings, Raptors
MontenegroPlayed for Timberwolves
Montenegro (born in Switzerland)Played for Sixers, plays for Magic
Greece (born in Georgia)Played for Suns, Grizzlies, Rockets
Greece2005 European champion
GreecePlayed for Sixers
Greece2005 European champion
GreecePlayed for Sonics
Greece (born in Usa)Played for Jazz, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Grizzlies, plays for Kings
Greece1x AllStar
Greece (born in Usa)Played for Grizzlies
GreecePlayed for Rockets, Nuggets
GreecePlayed only 2 games for Knicks. Brother of Greek All Star player
GreecePlays for Kings
EgyptLost NBA finals with Blazers
IsraelPlayed for Kings, Cavaliers, Rockets, Pelicans, plays for Timberwolves
IsraelPlayed for Mavericks, Pelicans
Usa (born in Lebanon)1986 World champion
Usa (born in Lebanon)5x NBA rings (Bulls, Spurs), 1986 World champion
Lebanon (born in Usa)Played for Timberwolves, Heat, Raptors, Rockets
Lebanon (born in Usa)Played for Suns, Hornets. Died in 2015 at 34
Lebanon (born in Usa)Played for Hornets, Hawks
Turkey (born in Serbia)Played for Knicks, Bucks
TurkeyLost NBA finals with Magic
Turkey1x NBA ring (Pistons), 1x AllStar
TurkeyPlayed for Sonics
TurkeyPlayed for Bucks, Pistons, Magic, Thunder, Sixers, plays for Hawks
TurkeyPlayed for Bulls, Rockets, plays for Pelicans
TurkeyPlayed for Celtics, Cavaliers
Turkey (born in Switzerland)Played for Jazz, plays for Thunder
TurkeyPlayed for Sixers
Georgia (born in Usa)Played for Hawks, Sonics, Celtics, Nuggets, Magic, Hornets, Lakers
GeorgiaPlayed for Sonics, Nets, Heat, Blazers
GeorgiaPlayed for Nuggets, Warriors, Timberwolves, Suns
Georgia1x NBA ring (Warriors)
Georgia (born in Usa)Played for Spurs
Georgia (born in Usa)2006 & 2007 NCAA champion. Son of Sydney
Georgia (born in Usa)Played for Suns. Brother of Tyler and Cody
GeorgiaPlayed for Nets, Bulls
Iran2007, 2009 & 2013 Asian champion
Qatar (born in Usa)Played for Wizards, Pistons, Nets
Qatar (born in Usa)Played for Cavaliers, Raptors, Lakers, Hornets
Usa (born in China)1x AllStar
HintAnswerExtra info
China2011 Asian champion
China1x NBA ring (Spurs)
China8x AllStar
China2005, 2011 & 2015 Asian champion
China1x NBA ring (Lakers)
South KoreaPlayed for Blazers
Japan (born in Usa)1995 NCAA champion. Now known as J.R. Sakuragi
JapanPlayed for Suns
Usa (born in Taiwan)Played for Bucks, Bulls
Philippines (born in Usa)1975 NCAA champion
Philippines (born in Usa)Played for Wizards, Nets
Philippines (born in Usa)2015 All-rookie 1st team
New Zealand1x NBA ring (Spurs)
New Zealand2009 Oceania champion
New ZealandPlays for Thunder
Australia3x NBA rings (Bulls)
Australia (born in Usa)2007 Oceania champion
Australia (born in Usa)Played for Hawks
Australia1x NBA ring (Spurs)
Australia2003 Oceania champion
AustraliaPlayed for Sixers
Australia2003 Oceania champion
Australia1x NBA ring (Warriors)
AustraliaPlayed for Bulls, Blazers
Australia2015 Oceania champion
Australia2003, 2005, 2007, 2013 & 2015 Oceania champion. 2017 Asian champion
Australia1x NBA ring (Spurs)
Usa (born in Australia)1x NBA ring (Cavaliers), 2014 World champion, 2016 Olympic gold, 4x AllStar
Australia (born in New Zealand)1x NBA ring (Spurs)
Australia1x NBA ring (Cavaliers)
Australia2013 Oceania champion
Australia2011 & 2013 Oceania champion
Australia2013 & 2015 Oceania champion
Australia (born in South Sudan)Plays for Bucks
South SudanTallest NBA player ever (ties record)
South SudanPlayed only 2 games for Sixers. Cousin of Luol Deng
TanzaniaPlayed for Grizzlies, Rockets, Blazers, Thunder
Democ. Rep. of Congo8x AllStar
Democ. Rep. of CongoPlayed for Cavaliers, Lakers
Democ. Rep. of CongoPlayed for Bobcats, Hornets, Raptors, plays for Magic
Democ. Rep. of CongoPlays for Nuggets
GabonPlayed for Warriors, Heat
CameroonPlayed for Blazers
CameroonPlayed for Bucks, Kings, Timberwolves, Sixers, plays for Clippers
Cameroon2017 All-rookie 1st team
CameroonPlays for Raptors
Usa (born in Nigeria)2x NBA rings (Rockets), 1996 Olympic gold, 1x MVP
NigeriaPlayed for Spurs
NigeriaPlayed for Nets
NigeriaFirst pick in 1998 draft
NigeriaPlayed only 2 games for Kings
NigeriaPlayed for Grizzlies, Wizards, Mavericks, Clippers, Hawks
Nigeria2015 Afrobasket champion
Nigeria (born in Usa)Played for Lakers, Knicks, Blazers, Spurs, Kings
Nigeria (born in Usa)2015 Afrobasket champion
Nigeria (born in United Kingdom)Played for Warriors, Mavericks
Nigeria (born in Usa)2015 Afrobasket champion
NigeriaPlayed for Raptors
Nigeria (born in Usa)2015 Afrobasket champion
Nigeria (born in Usa)Played only 1 game for Suns
Nigeria1x NBA ring (Warriors)
Nigeria (born in Usa)Played for Mavericks
Nigeria (born in Usa)2015 Afrobasket champion
Nigeria (born in Usa)2016 NCAA champion
GhanaPlayed for Mavericks
MaliPlayed for Nets, Lakers
MaliPlays for Pelicans
SenegalPlayed for Grizzlies
SenegalPlayed for Raptors, Mavericks, Hawks, Clippers
SenegalLost NBA finals with Mavericks
SenegalPlayed for Raptors
SenegalPlayed for Clippers
SenegalPlayed for Sonics, Thunder, Knicks
SenegalPlayed for Pistons, Nuggets, Clippers, Knicks
SenegalPlayed for Wizards, Kings
Senegal2013 NCAA champion
Senegal (born in Usa)Plays for Pacers
SenegalPlays for Knicks
Cabo VerdeLost 2017 NBA finals (didn't play playoffs)

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