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Can you name all NBA foreign players in history?

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Nationality (born)PlayerExtra info
Argentina2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2004 Olympic gold, Lost 2001 NBA finals (no playoffs)
Argentina2003, 2005, 2007, 2014 NBA champion, 2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2004 Olympic gold, Lost 2005 NBA finals (no playoffs)
Argentina2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2007 NBA champion, 2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2004 Olympic gold
Argentina2011 American champion
Argentina2012 South-American champion
ArgentinaPlayed for Mavericks, Hawks
ArgentinaFrom G.Washington University, played for Magic
UruguayPlayed for Hawks
Brazil1984, 1988 American champion
Brazil1988 American champion
Brazil2003 All-rookie 1st team
Brazil2015 NBA champion
Brazil2005, 2009 American champion
BrazilFrom Brigham Young University, played for Raptors, Jazz
Brazil2005, 2009 American champion, Lost 2007, 2015 (no playoffs), 2016 NBA finals
Brazil2007 Panamerican champion
Brazil2014 NBA champion
Brazil (born in Usa)From Iona College, played for Rockets
BrazilFrom Syracuse, played for Celtics
BrazilPlayed for Celtics
BrazilPlays for Kings
BrazilPlays for Raptors
BrazilPlays for Jazz
Brazil2005, 2009 American champion
BrazilPlays for Bulls
Venezuela (born in Usa)From Santa Clara, played for Mavericks
Venezuela (born in Trinidad & Tobago)1994, 1995 NBA champion
Venezuela (born in Usa)From Kansas State, played for Timberwolves. He is son of Wali
VenezuelaPlayed for Rockets, Warriors
Venezuela (born in Usa)From Southeastern Illinois, played for Hawks
Venezuela2014 South-American champion
Trinidad & TobagoFrom Fordham University, played for Braves, Hawks
GuyanaFrom G.Mason University, played for Hornets
GuyanaLost 2006 NBA finals (no playoffs)
DominicaFrom Saint Rose, played for Nuggets, Raptors
Antigua & Barbuda (born in Usa)From North Carolina State, played for Nuggets, Bucks
Dominican Rep.From Miami University, played for Bucks, Bullets. He is dad of Al
Dominican Rep.From St.John's, played for Grizzlies, Wizards, Timberwolves
Dominican Rep.From Manhattan, played for Warriors, Nuggets
Dominican Rep. 2012 Centramerican champion
Dominican Rep. (born in Usa)From Connecticut, 2004 NCAA champion
Dominican Rep.2012 Centramerican champion, 5x AllStar
Dominican Rep. (born in Usa)2012 Centramerican champion, 2016 rookie of the year, 1x AllStar
Dominican Rep.From Westchester, played for Blazers, Pistons
HaitiFrom Georgia Tech, played for Nets
HaitiFrom Virginia, played for Sonics, Clippers, Pistons, Kings, Jazz
HaitiPlays for Kings
JamaicaFrom Loyola, played for Nets
Jamaica (born in Usa)From Notre Dame, played for Cavaliers
JamaicaFrom Michigan, 1989 NCAA champion
Jamaica (born in Usa)2x AllStar
JamaicaFrom Louisville, played for Cavaliers
Jamaica (born in Usa)From Georgetown, played for Hornets. He is son of Patrick
JamaicaFrom Tulsa, played for Knicks, Nets
Jamaica (born in Usa)From Florida State, played for Thunder
PanamaFrom UCLA, played for Pacers, Hornets, Knicks
Panama (born in Usa)From North Carolina State, 1983 NCAA champion
Panama2006 Centramerican champion
PanamaFrom Massachusetts Amherst, played for Nuggets, Raptors
MexicoFrom Grand Canyon, played for Suns
MexicoFrom Oklahoma, played for Mavericks, Warriors, Nuggets, Nets, Bobcats
Mexico2013 American champion
Mexico2013 American champion
Belize (born in Usa)From Santa Clara, played for Celtics
Belize (born in Usa)From Colorado State, played for Grizzlies, Celtics, Suns, Cavaliers, Raptors, Jazz
Belize (born in Usa)From Fresno State, played for Sonics
CubaPlayed for Timberwolves
CubaPlayed for Sonics
Bahamas1987, 1988 NBA champion
BahamasFrom Tennessee, played for Suns
BahamasFrom Texas at Austin, played for Mavericks
Bahamas2017 All-rookie 1st team
Nationality (born)PlayerExtra info
CanadaLost 1947 NBA finals (no playoffs)
Canada (born in Italy)From Long Island, played for Huskies
CanadaFrom Detroit Mercy, played for Huskies
CanadaLost 1951, 1952, 1953 NBA finals
CanadaLost 1955, 1956 NBA finals
Canada (born in Denmark)From Washington University, played for Sonics
CanadaFrom Kent State, played for Pistons
CanadaFrom Villanova, played for Cavaliers, Hawks, Knicks
CanadaFrom Syracuse, played for Sixers, Hawks. He is dad of Andy
CanadaFrom Boston College, played for Warriors, Pistons
Canada1996, 1997 (no playoffs), 1998 NBA champion
Canada1987, 1988 NBA champion
Canada2000, 2001, 2002 NBA champion
Canada (born in South Africa)2x MVP
CanadaLost 2001, 2002 NBA finals
CanadaLost 2011 NBA finals, 1x AllStar
Canada (born in Haiti)From Seton Hall, played for Sixers, Kings, Rockets, Bucks, Mavericks, Knicks
Canada2012, 2013 NBA champion
Canada (born in Usa)From Syracuse, played for Knicks. He is son of Leo
Canada2016 NBA champion
Canada2014 NBA champion
Canada (born in Usa)From Gonzaga, played for Lakers
CanadaFrom St.Bonaventure, played for Magic, Wizards, Nets
CanadaFrom Syracuse, played for Celtics, Nets
Canada2014 All-rookie 2nd team
Canada2013 NBA draft 1st pick overall
Canada2015 rookie of the year
CanadaPlays for Nets
CanadaPlays for Lakers
CanadaPlays for Mavericks
CanadaFrom New Mexico State, played for Kings
CanadaPlays for Nuggets
Canada2017 All-rookie 2nd team
Canada (born in Usa)From Gonzaga, 2012 NCAA champion
CanadaPlays for Grizzlies
CanadaPlays for Magic
CanadaFrom Iowa State, played for Jazz
CanadaFrom Florida State, played for Grizzlies
Canada (born in St.Lucia)2018 NBA champion (no playoffs)
IcelandFrom Washington University, played for Blazers, Lakers, Spurs
Ireland (born in Usa)From Providence, played for Sonics, Kings, Hornets, Bullets, Bucks, Celtics, Heat, Clippers
Ireland (born in Usa)From Old Dominion, played for Hawks
IrelandFrom Auburn, played for Magic, Suns
United KingdomFrom Dayton, played for Hawks, Royals
United Kingdom1x AllStar
United KingdomFrom North Carolina, played for Lakers
United Kingdom (born in Usa)From Pennsylvania State, played for Cavaliers, Magic, Jazz
United KingdomFrom Illinois at Urbana-Champaing, played for Suns, Magic, Raptors
United KingdomPlayed for Timberwolves
United Kingdom2005 Sixth man of the year
United Kingdom (born in South Sudan)2x AllStar
United KingdomFrom G.Washington University, played for Mavericks, Spurs, Raptors, Rockets, Hornets
United Kingdom (born in Usa)From Ohio State, played for Thunder, Bobcats, Sixers, Clippers
United KingdomPlayed for Blazers
United KingdomPlays for Raptors
NetherlandsLost 1984 NBA finals
NetherlandsLost 2000 NBA finals, 1x AllStar
NetherlandsLost 1995 NBA finals (no playoffs)
NetherlandsFrom UCLA, played for Bucks, Warriors, Nets, Knicks
Netherlands2007 NBA champion
Belgium (born in Democr. Rep. of Congo)2009, 2010 NBA champion
France (born in Usa)From Louisiana State, played for Nuggets, Mavericks
FranceFrom San Jose State, played for Kings, Magic, Nuggets, Mavericks
FranceFrom UCLA, played for Celtics, Hornets, Raptors, Nets, Cavaliers
France (born in Belgium)2003, 2005, 2007, 2014 NBA champion
FrancePlayed for Mavericks
France2014 NBA champion
FranceLost 2009 NBA finals
France2013 European champion
France2012 NBA champion
France2013 European champion
FranceFrom Pepperdine, played for Nuggets, Heat
France2011 NBA champion
France (born in Usa)2x AllStar, 2014 defensive player of the year
France2013 European champion
France2013 European champion
France2011 NBA champion (no playoffs)
Nationality (born)PlayerExtra info
FrancePlayed for Wizards, Knicks, Pacers
FrancePlayed for Hawks
FrancePlays for Magic
France2013 European champion, Lost 2013 NBA finals
France2018 Defensive player of the year
France2013 European champion
FrancePlayed for Bucks
FrancePlayed for Nuggets, Bucks, Pelicans
FrancePlays for Sixers
France (born in Belgium)Plays for Knicks
FrancePlays for Celtics
SwitzerlandLost 2012 NBA finals
SwitzerlandPlays for Rockets
Spain Played for Blazers
Spain (born in Usa)From Irvine University, played for Kings, Cavaliers
Spain2009, 2010 NBA champion, 2002 rookie of the year
Spain2009 European champion
Spain2006 World champion, Lost 2018 NBA finals
Spain2006 World champion
Spain2006 World champion
Spain2006 World champion
Spain2006 World champion
Spain2006 World champion, 3x AllStar, 2013 defensive player of the year
Spain (born in Rep. of Congo)2011 European champion, Lost 2012 NBA finals
Spain2009, 2011 European champion
Spain2009, 2011, 2015 European champion
Spain (born in Montenegro)2015 European champion
Spain2015 European champion
SpainPlays for Nuggets. He is brother of Willy
SpainPlays for Thunder
Tunisia2011 Afrobasket champion
Libya (born in Usa)From Fresno State, played for Hawks
Libya (born in Usa)From San Diego State, played for Bulls
Italy (born in Usa)2005, 2017 NBA coach of the year
Italy (born in Usa)From Georgia Tech, played for Sixers, Bullets, Hawks
ItalyPlayed for Suns
ItalyPlayed for Raptors
Italy (born in Usa)From Marquette, played for Magic, Pacers, Blazers
Italy2006 NBA draft 1st pick overall
Italy2014 NBA champion
ItalyPlays for Clippers
ItalyPlayed for Pistons, Celtics
Italy (born in Usa)From Villanova, 2016 NCAA champion
SloveniaPlayed for Suns
Slovenia2005 NBA champion
SloveniaPlayed for Pacers, Bobcats, Pistons, Raptors, Sixers, Bucks
SloveniaPlayed for Rockets, Hornets, Nets
Slovenia2009, 2010 NBA champion
Slovenia2005, 2007 NBA champion
SloveniaPlayed for Raptors
Slovenia2017 European champion, 1x AllStar
Slovenia (born in Germany)2017 European champion
SloveniaPlayed for Suns, Heat. He is brother of Goran
Croatia1990 World champion, Lost 1990 NBA finals
Croatia1989 European champion
Croatia1989, 1991 European champion
Croatia1996, 1997, 1998 NBA champion
Croatia1995 NBA champion
Croatia Played for Mavericks, Pacers, Celtics, Cavaliers, Knicks
Croatia (born in Germany)Played for Bulls
Croatia2003 All-rookie 2nd team
Croatia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)Played for Nets
CroatiaPlayed for Magic
Croatia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)Played for Bucks
CroatiaPlayed for Raptors, Bucks
Croatia (born in Usa)Lost 2010 NBA finals (no playoffs)
Croatia (born in Usa)Lost 2014 NBA finals (no playoffs)
Croatia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)2015 All-rookie 2nd team
CroatiaPlayed for Pacers, Timberwolves, Magic
CroatiaPlays for Magic
CroatiaFrom Wisconsin, played for Kings
Croatia2017 All-rookie 1st team
Croatia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)Plays for Suns
Croatia (born in Bosnia Herzegovina)Plays for Lakers
CroatiaLost 2018 NBA finals

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