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QUIZ: Can you name the movie based on a critic's comparison to Showgirls or Citizen Kane?

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The Showgirls of…
fairy-tale movies. (Amanda Seyfried) 
concert documentaries. (Michael Flatley) 
sword-and-sandal films. (Colin Farrell) 
superhero movies. (Halle Berry) 
sci-fi shoot-'em-ups. (John Travolta) 
violent video game movies. (John Travolta) 
this decade [2000's]. (Nicholas Cage) 
ballet. (Natalie Portman) 
fantasy films. (Paul Giamatti) 
psycho-thrillers. (Ashton Kutcher) 
Navy pilot movies. (Jamie Foxx) 
Alcoholic Clown Movies. (Bobcat Goldthwait) 
The Citizen Kane of…
cheerleader movies. (Kirsten Dunst) 
break-dancing movies. (Marques Houston) 
whiz-kid film franchises. (Daniel Radcliffe) 
bad movies. (Tommy Wiseau) 
killer tire movies. (a tire) 
bachelor party movies. (Bradley Cooper) 
talking pig movies (James Cromwell) 
rock and roll flicks. (Paul McCartney) 
hot tub movies. (John Cusack) 
sci-fi movies. (Harrison Ford) 
B-movies. (Orson Welles) 
Alcoholic Clown Movies. (Bobcat Goldthwait) 
movies. (Orson Welles) 

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