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Can you name the most miserable US cities according to Forbes?

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1FL - 47% of homeowners sitting on underwater mortgages.
2MI - Home prices are down 54% the past three years, worst in the U.S.
3MI - Third worst violent crime rate in the US
4FL - Corruption, home prices off 50% since 2006.
5CA - Only pro sports team may be moving, high foreclosure rate.
6IL - Gridlock traffic, high property taxes and brutal winters.
7FL - Median home prices are down 50% since 2006
8OH - Corruption, income and property tax rates.
9IL - Fifth highest property tax rrates.
10MI - Median home price down 50% over past three years.
11CA - Among the country's six worst when it comes to unemployment, foreclosures and violent crime.
12OH - High taxes, lousy weather and sports teams.
13MI - Foreclosures, high property taxes and lousy weather.
14OH - Vacant homes.
15CA - Unemployment rate of 17.6% is the worst among the 200 largest metro areas.
16TN - Second worst violent crime rate.
17CA - Most polluted city in the U.S. according to The American Lung Association.
18CA - Due to reduced spending, police and fire department operate at roughly one-third their capacity from 2004.
19CA - Third worst foreclosure rate, high unemployment.
20IN - Foreclosures and high crime rate.

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