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Can you name the countries, states, and cities as described by the Simpsons?

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Where disparaging the Boot is a bootable offense 
Russia's wacky neighbor 
The land of chocolate 
Where insanity peppers are grown 
Also known as East Boston, Freckle Bog, The Land of Poetry, and The Land of Bad Poetry 
Where Homer isn’t a fat jerk, he’s a gourmand 
America Jr. 
Where you are if you found a greasier sandwich than the Clogger 
US States
Homer thinks the capital of this state is Hitler 
Where you can't be too fat or too drunk 
Where you can see a screen door factory 
Grampa will be in his cold, cold grave before he recognizes this state 
According to George Washington, where the quitters in the revolution were from 
The state where marriage laws are a little looser 
The only place a jury might convict a baby 
The state that makes Virginia look good by comparison 
The Miami of Canada 
According to Krusty, the happiest place on earth 
Like Vegas, if it were run by Ned Flanders 
Where New York comes to smoke 
A hellhole. And you know how Homer feels about hellholes!  
Them people of this city are going through Mad Max times 
Like someone stepped on New York and wiped their foot on the beach 
Cesspool on the Potomac. Cesspool! Cesspool! 
The Sodom and Gomorrah on the Mississip[pi] 

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