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QUIZ: Can you name the Disney World Attraction by Guest Description?

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'I had not understood that it would be as visually violent and historically accurate as it was.'Magic Kingdom (Adventureland)
'I know they consider it a classic, and kids always seem to love it, but could they PLEASE update it after half a century?'Magic Kingdom (Frontierland)
'_________________ is a great place to breast-feed.'Magic Kingdom (Liberty Square)
'The HAPPIEST CRUISE THAT EVER SAILED sign at the entrance to the ride should be replaced with one that says THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!'Magic Kingdom (Fantasyland)
'The only reason I could think of for adults to be in the line would be an insane desire to go on absolutely every ride at Disney World.'Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland)
'We loved the [updated] ___________. I did think the volume was too high, however. I felt like the voice was screaming in my ear the whole ride.'EPCOT
'It was the worst motion sickness my mom ever had at a theme park -- Mom had to use an airsick bag 20 minutes after leaving the ride, then had to return to the hotel to lie down.'EPCOT
'Based on the loud whoosh coming from the ride, the buildup in the preshow area, and your comments, we expected a much more intense experience.'EPCOT
'_________________ was dreadful. If the idea was to rid the ride of derogatory Mexican stereotypes, the designers woefully missed the mark.'EPCOT
'Total chaos, the likes of which I've never experienced, was breaking out around us. A constant stream of parents headed to the exits with terrorized children.'Animal Kingdom
'They need benches near _______________ -- there was nowhere to sit with babies while other in our party rode it over and over. We sat on a rock!'Animal Kingdom
'Beware! Rather than just getting a little wet like on Splash Mountain, you get soaked to the skin -- beyond the fun kind of wet.'Animal Kingdom
''Mania' is right -- we got there when the park opened, and the wait was already 60 minutes.'Hollywood Studios
'Put in scenes from recent films that are sure to become tomorrow's classics: The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, Across the Universe ... I could go on.'Hollywood Studios
'The first 15 seconds of this ride are spectacular.'Hollywood Studios

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