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A- British commander in the Near East, responsible for the Ottoman collapse in Palestine
B- This Balkan Nation sided with the Central Powers
C- Italian breakout during 1918, caused Austria-Hungary to surrender.
D- French term for arriving American soldiers
E- Original name for the Allied powers.
F- French marshall that later became the only 'Supreme Commander of the Allied Armies'
G- Disasterous Allied attempt to open the Black Sea to shipping and crush the Ottoman Empire
H- This beloved German commander embodied the war effort and together with his colleage Ludendorff became national heroes for victories in the East.
I- This series of battles marked the first failure of the Italians to break through into Austria.
J- The only major naval battle of the entire conflict, both sides claimed victory.
K- British Secretary of State for War this cabinet member appeared the face of the British war effort, mobilizing the population at home until his death in 1916.
L- The sinking of this ship containing over 100 Americans turned the American public against the Central Powers.
M- Deadly German machine gun, responsible for 90% of Allied casualties in the Spring offensives of 1916.
N- The Czar of Russia until his downfall in 1917.
O- This Middle Eastern Empire would collapse due to British invasion in 1918.
P- French Field commander known for his resolute defense and the quote 'They Shall Not Pass!'
Q- This battle faught in Iraq would secure the British position in the Middle East
R- This dynasty of Russian rulers was one of three great European families to lose power after the Great War
S- This bloody battle on the Western Front is known for costing five men for every centimeter of groung gained.
T- This battle on the Eastern front signified a major victory for the Germans against the Russian Empire
U- This German weapon sunk millions of tonnes of Allied shipping, but contributed to bringing the US into the war.
V- This French fortress town became known as the 'meatgrinder' the battles for it would claim over a million lives.
W- This President of the US opposed going to war and advocated a generous peace with Germany
X- A period during the holidays of 1914 where both sides ceased fighting to celebrate together on the Western Front.
Y- Three bloody battles over this Belgian town in 1915 saw the first exhibition of poison gas by both sides.
Z- These massive airships were used by the Germans against the British Isles

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