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A Cation will have a deficit of ________
On a graph of V and I, Resistance is equal to the ________
Resistance is affected by....
What am I? The gradual and predictable changes in the biotic and the abiotic conditions following a distruption in an ecosystem.
Like Charges will _______
This is an example of what kind of change? A superficial change to the appearance of a substance.
Y or N: All the elements were formed in the Big Bang itself
Canada has _____ major biomes
A pyramid of ________ shows the mass of each trophic level within a community, and can be inversed.
Two non-metals form a ___________ compound
The large star that earth revolves around
Q/t =
A very, very hot star will be this colour:
Dead leaves are an ABIOTIC or BIOTIC factor?
The type of bond between two non-metals is a __________ bond
The Earth's axial tilt =
Potential Difference, aka ________ = R*I
The distance from Earth to the Sun, also known as a unit to measure distances within our solar system.
What is this? CO2 + Water = Glucose +Oxygen?
What am I? a pure substance that cannot be broken down by any physical of chemical means.
A non-metal and a metal form an _________ compound
A Meteor is a piece of rock and dust in space. Right or Incorrect?
A Voltmeter measures the __________ in a circuit
All stars are 'born' in a _____________
I only eat dead animals and plants that I can find. What am I?
Current goes up, Resistance goes ________
What am I? a large geographical area with similar biotic and abiotic factors
atomic number represents the number of _________ in an atom
A Lightbulb is a good example example of a load. True or False?
The Sun is an ABIOTIC or BIOTIC factor?
Is this an example of Primary or Secondary Succession? After a forest fire.
The total contents of the nucleas, i.e the ___________ __________
What kind of property is this? Qualititative
A cold star will be this colour:
A positive ion, aka a _____________
I am located on the right hand of the periodic table, to the right of the staircase. What type of element am I?
A stream of highly charged particles emitted from the sun, that cause auroras
What kind of change is this? A change in the starting substance resulting in the production of one or more new substances.
In a parallel Circuit, current will split or stay the same?
Power used * Time used * Cost of energy =
A negative ion, aka an ______________
What am I? A pure substance composed of two or more elements.
In a series circuit, voltage is split depending on the number of what?
This law states: the current between two points on a circuit is directly proportional to the potential difference
Yes or No: Small stars end in a supernova, and then turn into a white dwarf
( Energy out / Energy in ) *100 =
Atmosphere = Air. Hydrosphere = Water. Lithosphere = ____________
______________ is when a substance becomes more and more concentrated as it goes up the food web.
What are these planets commonly known as: Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus
I only eat meat. I am a what?
Opposite charges _________
This shows the feeding relationships within an ecosystem.
A unit used in measure distances in space outside of our solar system. Also, a measure of how far light would travel in one year instead a vaccuum.
What rule is this: an atom will always bond so their valence shell is full.
Vrai ou Faux: Pluto is a planet
True or False: the Inner Terestrial Planets have more moons on average than the outer gaseous planets.
What kind of property is this? Combustibilty

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