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What is the speed of light
From light's four properties: how does light travel?
If I were to draw a line that light followed, would it be straight or curved?
under certain conditions, light exhibits ____-like properties
The amount of waves per second to pass a fixed point
A continuous sequence of waves that have the same speed but different wavelengths and frequencies
Light emitted when a material is heated
Light caused by an electric current running through gas
Light emitted by a substance which had absorbed ultraviolet let and let it out over a long period of time
Light emitted by a substance which has absorbed ultraviolet light and released it immediately
Light produced from a chemical reaction without an increase in temperature
Production of light from living things
Light emitted from friction or crushing of two crystals
Light is produced from this when all of the electricity flows in one direction
Light waves travelling in unison in the same direction
_________ reflection occurs when light is reflected off a smooth surface
The ray that strikes the surface
The angle between the normal line and the incidence ray
The light ray that is reflected
the angle between the reflected ray and the normal
What law is this part one of? The angle of reflection is always equal to the angle of incidence
The distance from the object to a plane mirror is the same as the distance from the ______ to the mirror
Plane Mirror SALT Quiz: Size
Plane Mirror SALT Quiz: Attitude
Plane Mirror SALT Quiz: Location
Plane Mirror SALT Quiz: Type
(Concave Mirror) Located at center of the “circle” on principal axis Distance to curved surface is the radius {R}
(Concave Mirror) Line joining center of circle with surface of mirror
(Concave Mirror) Point where principal axis intersects surface of mirror
(Concave Mirror) Located ½ way between C and mirror surface on principal axis
For a Concave mirror, a light ray travelling parallel to the PA will be reflected through the _______

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