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Can you name the Fire Emblem Fates characters by ending title?

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Angry Ninja
Childish Killer
Pickle Pro
Perfect Angel
Devoted Servant
Gentle Giant
Inveterate Soldier
Cold as Ice
Righteous Rebel
Calm Philosopher
Crux of Fate
Hapless Hero
Clumsy Knight
Adorable Adorer
Black Magician
Secret Keeper
Focused Samurai
Big Breeze
Wolf Cub
Free Spirit
Army of One
Lady of the Lake
Absent Archer
Upbeat Archer
Rebellious Streak
Morbid Fixation
Scion of Flame
Puppet Master
Lupine Collector
Sweet-Toothed Ninja
Kitsune Braggart
Fashion Forward
Raw Talent
Starry-Eyed Poet
Sorcerous Prince
Traditional Ninja
Budding Flower
Reliable Chemist
Airborne Singer
Cutting Wit
Quiet Assassin
Cute Fierce Fighter
Frightened Knight
Future King
Peerless Samurai
The Kid
Cursed by Youth
Maid Mayhem
Rural Power
Easygoing Ninja
Dramatic Heroine
Eye Spy
Wild Card
Wily Warrior
Cruel to be Kind
Sleepy Butler
Dragon Spawn
Wild Samurai
Loving Priestess
Warrior Princess
Dancing Duelist
Bewitching Beauty
Lord of Leisure
Aching Blood
Paragon Knight
Loyal Knight
Mr. Perfect
Secret Seller
Luck's Sidekick

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