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Name every character in Fates with a critical hit quote by critical hit quote.

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I will cut you down!Playable
I will do my duty!Playable, second gen
This is the last thing you'll see.Playable
Oh, yes!Playable
War is heck!Playable, second gen
I'm feeling stabby!Playable
I always play with my food.Playable; second gen
. . . Weak.Playable
This show is OVER!Playable, second gen
Your fate is sealed!Playable
Cha-ching!Playable, DLC
Let's see what THIS does!Playable, second gen
Beautiful AND deadly!Playable
I'm sorry!Boss
Time to take out the trash!Playable
See ya . . .Playable
Out of my sight!Playable, second gen
Finishing the mission!Playable
Let us begin!Playable
Shall we end this?Playable
You should've surrendered.Playable
Cry out in pain!Playable
Shall we dance?Playable
This is it for you!Playable
You die so I may live!Playable
I'm gonna break you!Playable
I'm feelin' lucky.Playable; second gen
Ready or not, here I come!Playable, second gen
Witness my true power!Playable; second gen
Time to tip the scales!Playable, amiibo
I'd run if I were you!Playable, second gen
This might sting a little!Playable, second gen
I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt!Playable
Sorry, friend.Playable, amiibo
You've been naughty!Playable
You're NOBODY!Playable
I'll show YOU the meaning of fear!Playable
I've got this!Playable
DIE!Boss, shared quote
I make my own fate!Playable
No mercy!Playable
I'll burn you to ash!Playable
My prayers are with you!Playable, amiibo
I spy a corpse.Playable, second gen
The pain will pass.Playable
Stand down!Playable
Your time has come!Playable, second gen
D-don't--don't move!Playable
Just desserts!Playable, second gen
Reflect on THIS!Playable, second gen
You reap what you sow!Playable, paralogue
I will take care of you!Playable
You're gonna need stitches!Playable
Pick a god and pray!NPC, DLC
Let's get wild!Playable
And . . . go!Playable, second gen
And now, I rage!Playable
I will not live in fear!Playable, second gen
This is the end!Boss, shared quote
You're a bad influence.Playable
Feel the burn!Playable
Now I'm angry!NPC, DLC
Lay down your weapons!Boss
For the glory of Hoshido!Playable
Here comes your final reward!Playable
I've been practicing this!Playable
You won't stop me!Playable, second gen, shared quote
Smile!--you're dead.Playable, second gen
You're out of luck, friend!Playable
Allow me!Playable
You underestimated me!Playable
You got a lotta nerve . . .Playable, second gen
What WAS your exit strategy?Playable
You are not worthy.Playable
I'm stunning; you're dead.Playable, second gen
I challenge my fate!Playable, amiibo
No one beats me!Playable

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