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QUIZ: Can you name the Fire Emblem Awakening characters by ending title?

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The Conqueror
Little Miss
Divine Voice
Intrepid Khan
Oft Forgotten
Gentle Heart
Daunting Priest
Twisted Mind
Hero Chaser
Chosen One
Candy Stealer
High Deliverer
Crimson Knight
Rapier Intellect
Grim Stalker
Masked Rider
Village Hero
Khan Lioness
Miss Personality
Viridian Knight
The Elucidater
Fetching Friar
Swell Sword
Radiant Hero
Dark One
Fair Fighter
Knight Paragon
Secret Dreamer
Dire Damsel
Blade Legend
Flower Picker
Eternal Youth
Maid of Flowers
Upcoming Mage
Timid Taguel
Blade Princess
Wyvern Friend
Gift from Afar
Secret Seller
Archest Archer
Zero to Hero
Cold Lieutenant
Newly Exalted
Mad King
Shrinking Violet
Sprightly Cleric
Proud Taguel

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