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Can you choose the correct spelling of each rock band? (1 or 2 is accepted)

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Spelling ChoicesCorrect Spelling (1 or 2 is accepted)
Let's start easy. Beatles or Beetles?
Lead or Led Zeppelin?
Falling Out Boy or Fall Out Boy?
Paramour or Paramore?
Metallica or Metalica?
Breaking Benjamin or Break Benjamin?
Airosmith or Aerosmith?
A Skylit Drive or A Skylight Drive?
Megadeath or Megadeth?
Striper or Stryper?
Lynyrd Skynyrd or Lynerd Skynerd?
Alesana or Aliceanna?
Linking Park or Linkin Park?
Wheezer or Weezer?
Deaf Leopard or Def Leppard?
blink-182 or blink-192?
Heart or Hart?
Nickleback or Nickelback?
Three Days Grace or Three Day Grace?
Limp Bizkit or Lymp Bizzkit?

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