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Can you name the Z100 Radio Top 50 Songs of 2013 based on the lyric?

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1. Okay now he was close, tried to domesticate you…Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell
2. Dressed in all pink, 'cept my gator shoes, those are green…Macklemore &Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz
3. That we're not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again...P!nk and Nate Reuss
4. Can we go back, this is the moment, tonight is the night...Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
5. We're painted red, to fit right in, whoa....Imagine Dragons
6. Aren't you something, to admire...Justin Timberlake
7. It's not much of a life you're living...Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
8. Now I'll never, never, get to clean up the mess I made...Bruno Mars
9. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground....Taylor Swift
10. Louder, louder than a lion, cause I am the champion...Katy Perry
11. But everybody's like: crystal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece, jet planes, islands , tigers on a gold leash ...Lorde
12. We've come too far, to give up who we are...Daft Punk ft. Pharrell
13. All pressed up in black and white...Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z
14. Never had much faith in love or miracles...Bruno Mars
15. I belong with you...The Lumineers
16. You are now now rocking and Britney Spears
17. It's our party, we can do what we want....Miley Cyrus
18. I got this feeling on a summer day when you were gone...Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX
19. I was a king, I had a gold throne...Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin
20. Feeling my way through the darkness...Avicii( with uncredited vocals from Aloe Blacc)
21. Here I am staring, at your perfection...Maroon 5
22. And this brand new Chevy with a lift kit...Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly
23. And baby, it's amazing I'm in this place with you...Jay-Z ft. Justin Timberlake
24. Na na na, na na na...Selena Gomez
25. Jigeumbuteo gal ddaekkaji gabolkka...PSY
Lyric SongArtist
26. One day while my light is glowing...Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
27. I can fill your cup...Capital Cities
28. If our love is insanity why...Zedd ft. Foxes
29. And I can't change...Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
30. I know that you don't know me but you're fine so fine...Bruno Mars
31. Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark...Fall Out Boy
32. When I'm gone...Anna Kendrick
33. So I put my faith in something unknown...Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
34. Find light in the beautiful sea...Rihanna
35. So, I'm putting my defenses out...Demi Lovato
36. Where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned...P!nk
37. Say, I’m thinking ’bout her every second, every hour...Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
38. You and I go hard, at each other like we're going to war...Maroon 5
39. And I fell heavy into your arms...Mumford and Sons
40. We kissed, I fell, under your spell of love.Miley Cyrus
41. So this is what you meant. When you said that you were spent.Imagine Dragons
42. Take me all the way, take me all the way.Maroon 5
43. And some days I can't even dress myself, it's killing me to see you this way.Of Monsters of Men
44. Hold on, to me as we go. As we roll down this unfamiliar road.Phillip Phillips
45. But here they come again to jack my style.Fun.
46. I take a deep breath every time I pass your door. I know you're there but I can't see you anymore.Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding
47. We gonna party like it's 3012 tonight.Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj
48. Now that you know, this is my life, I won't be told what's supposed to be right.Kelly Clarkson
49. Sparks fly like the Fourth of July!Jjason DeRulo
50. And cries were cutting like knives in a fist fight.Fun.

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