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Can you name the movies released in 2013 based on their bad summaries?

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A woman is stuck in space after her partner dies (sound familiar?)
An ice queen tells her sister to let it go, but she won't, and recruits a hot guy and a snowman to help her.
Another documentary about that pop singer we just want to stay in Canada.
A stock broker and his partner do very naughty things, and they're rolling in money.
The head of ship gets hijacked by those darn Somalians!
An author gets fussy about a movie adaptation of her work, and spars with the head of the movie company.
This sequel to a 'black' comedy now places those men right before the holidays.
A mother and her daughters fight over and over again in one of the whitest movies ever.
A folk singer starts his career and tumbles through it.
A broke socialite slowly deteriorates mentally when she lives with her sister.
A former villain and his minions become spies to defeat a previously thought dead villain.
A couple, after surviving a death match, are once again baited into trying to kill each other.
A man must repair his metal suit to beat up a rich terrorist and his puppet.
A short guy and his companions must fight a dragon and steal from him.
A guy and his long and hard hammer must punish naughty aliens.
In *general*, this plot is predictable enough: an angry orphaned alien must fight one of the few people from where his home.
Two creatures become typical fraternity animals.
A man gets addicted to Siri.
Celebrity friends party at a house while the world is coming to a close.
A con lady gets kidnapped by the man she scammed.

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