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Can you name the Egyptian Gods by Description?

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God of the Underworld, son of Nut and Geb
God of the Dead, represented by a jackal head
God of the sun or also known as the creator god, crowned with the sun disc
Goddess of the home and domestic cat
The God of the Earth
the Goddess of magic, and the wife and sister of Osiris
The Dwarf god, also the protector of family
Goddess of thruth and justice, order
God of Desert, storm evil and chaos represented by the color red
the God of Creation
the God of wind and air
the God of JUST chaos, seen as a giant serpent
the God of War, sky and falcons, son of Osiris
the God of the nile
the God of Wisdom and the Scribe God
Goddess of sky and stars
the Goddess of lions and fire
the vulture goddess
the God of crocidiles and aligators

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