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Forced Order
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Description of the movie
High school students get detention and spend a Saturday together
Steve Martin tries to get home for the holidays with John Candy by his side
High schooler, Matthew Broderick, skips school
Molly Ringwald lives in poverty, but loves a 'richie.'
He tries to phone home
'I'll be back...'
Peter Billingsley just wants a Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle for Christmas
Michael J. Fox almost destroys himself by playing with time-travel
Morgan Freeman drives around an old Jewish woman
Nobody remembers Molly Ringwald's birthday
Who ya gonna call?
Bill Murray wants to kill all of the gophers on the golf course
Don't say his name three times!!!
Two tubular teenagers go back in time to help them out with their history project
'I've got the need... The need for speed!'
Dancing is outlawed because of some teens who died in a car accident listening to music
Carey Elwes is only mostly dead...
Wax on... Wax off... Wax on... Wax off...
John Candy and Dan Akroyd go camping together in the mountains
Luke Skywalker finds out who is father is...
Harrison Ford goes on an adventure to get the Ark before the Nazis do
Robin Williams puts himself in a war-stricken country as a radio announcer
Description of the movie
A group of friends get out of college and struggle with adulthood
An orphan stays with a millionaire for Christmas
Two animal best friends are forced to become enemies
Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are good friends who are afraid to have sex together
Luke Skywalker helps to destroy the Death Star
Disney makes another classic about a girl who just wants to live on land
A boy becomes a man overnight
Michael Keaton plays a famous DC Comics character
A group of close-knit friends mourn over death, but enjoy life in Louisiana
A teenager wants to commit suicide after his girlfriend breaks up with him
'Nobody puts baby in a corner.'
Sarah Jessica Parker acts in this movie, whose name is also a famous Cyndi Lauper song
Kermit and his friends go to New York to get their musical on Broadway
Dustin Hoffman dresses up as a woman to get an acting job on a soap opera
Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short play three un employed actors
Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Ralph Maccio all play Greasers in this movie about gangs
John Candy babysits his brother's three kids
Woman who works as a welder and an exotic dancer, but wants to get into a ballet school
Michael J. Fox decided to go forward in time instead of backward
Two cops who get paired together, but hate working in pairs
Teenagers attend a school in New York for the performing arts

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