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Can you name the steps in this Two-Letter, Scrabble-Legal, Hidden Themed, Word Ladder?

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Themed answers are flanked by stars (★). Upon correctly answering themed entries, bonus answers (appearing at the bottom of the quiz) will help elucidate the hidden theme. Also, check the URL for another hint.
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★A variant pronounciation of the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet…★★…or, when each letter is pronounced separately, a homophone of the first name of the District 12 escort in the Hunger Games trilogy, portrayed by Elizabeth Banks on screen.★
One, to Scots……or an initialism in the title of a 2000 animated sci-fi film starring Matt Damon.
★An Indian mulberry tree…★★...or what Paul Simon says you can call him.★
A commercial…...or initialism meaning 'the year of our lord'.
Shorthand for the issue you might have if you require Viagra…...or the non-formal name of a loquacious TV equine.
In printing terminology, the longer of the two dashes, also called 'mutton'…...or Dorothy's aunt in the Wizard of Oz.
Used to express satisfaction…...or, the kind of 'good' Campbell's Soup is.
★Postal code for the Show-Me State…★★...or nickname for retired Yankees great, Mariano Rivera.★
In the direction of…...or half of the name of the dog belonging to the young girl mentioned three cells above.
★'Thank you'…★★...or, when repeated, 'goodbye'.★
The eternal soul in Egyptian mythology…...or, when initialised, the basic degree one receives upon graduating university in the US.
★Describing one who is physically attracted to members of both genders…★★…or a homophone of words meaning 'so long', 'purchase' or 'near'.★
A three-toed sloth…...or, as an initialism, what Haley Joel Osment was in a 2001 movie of the same name.
Indefinite article…...or the Sumerian god of heaven.
★To harvest (Chiefly British)…★★...or slang for 'popular'.★
In printing terminology, the shorter of the two dashes, also called 'nut'…...or the first two letters in the more common initialism for a rhinolaryngologist.
Used to expresss doubt or surprise…...or the internet domain name for the non-Sporcle-recognized, disputed territory, Western Sahara.
Exclamation of pleasure or surprise…...or what the dentist tells you to 'open up and say'.
★By shortening, a word meaning the science or art of cultivating land and raising crops…★★...or, when each letter is pronounced separately, how much you would earn if you made a $1000 profit, in street parlance.★
Add this word to the beginning of the name of a US state to get the name of another US state…...or a pirate's favorite word?
The heraldic color gold…...alternatively, alternatively.
A whirlwind off the Faeroe Islands…...or, as an initialism, lexicographical shorthand for the language the epic poem Beowulf was wriiten in, for instance.
★To exist…★★...or a homophone of a word describing a community social gathering, especially one where a spelling contest might be held.★
★The second tone of the diatonic musical scale…★★...or, in business or legal correspondence, 'with reference to'.★
(A male) born with the name of…...or the pre-hyphen half of the stage name of the Grammy Award-winning American R&B artist who takes his name from the protagonist of The Matrix film trilogy.
'No', slangly…...or, often separated by a slash, shorthand version of what to write on a questionaire when the question does not apply to you.
Rough, basaltic lava…...or, as an initialism, where you might go for support if your liquor intake has become excessive.
To the same degree…...or a copper coin and early monetary unit of ancient Rome, originally having a nominal weight of 12 ounces.
★Anatomically speaking, a bone…★★...or, as an initialism, shorthand for the collection of software your Sporcle-engaged device's hardware is running on.★

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