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QUIZ: Can you name the car models when the manufacturer and definition is provided?

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Plymoutha natural body that revolves around a planet; a moon
Chevroleta large mass of snow, ice, etc., detached from a mountain slope and sliding or falling suddenly downward
Acuraenergetic activity; energy; intensity
Volkswagena game played on horseback between two teams, each of four players, the object being to score points by driving a wooden ball into the opponents' goal using a long-handled mallet
Hondaan official document issued by the government of a country to one of its citizens, authorizing travel to foreign countries and authenticating the bearer's identity
Cadillaca scaling or mounting by means of ladders, especially in an assault upon a fortified place
Fordan excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, as of war or exploration
Toyotaa Gael inhabiting the mountainous regions of Scotland
Hondaa component or constituent of a whole or one of the parts into which a whole may be resolved by analysis
Chevroleta silver-white metallic element with a faint pinkish tinge, occurring in compounds whose silicates afford important blue coloring substances for ceramics
Dodgethe vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul
Buicka brown-speckled European bird, Alauda arvensis, famed for its melodious song
Dodgea crownlike ornament for the head, as of gold or jewels
Forda range pony or mustang of the western U.S., especially one that is not broken or is imperfectly broken
Dodgeone who inflicts a punishment in retaliation for harm, injury, etc, done to a person or persons
Toyotaalternate spelling of a Latin word meaning 'heavenly'
Mercuryan older woman who seeks sexual relationships with much younger men
Mercuryan inhabitat of a small community in a rural area, usually smaller than a town
Jeepa person who exercises authority; chief officer; leader
Toyotaone of the vast, nearly level, treeless plains of the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America
Nissana solid bounded by six equal squares, the angle between any two adjacent faces being a right angle
Dodgean evil spirit; devil or fiend

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