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expressing the want of something by denying it
Extended metaphor in which a symbolic story is told
Covert reference to another work of literature or art
Phrasing which can have two meanings
Posing a question to an audience, often with the implication that it shares a common interest with the speaker
A comparison
Leaving a common known saying unfinished
A form of pun in which a word is repeated in two different senses
Transforming a word's word class
Ascribing human characteristics to something that is not human, such as an animal or a god
Repetition of words in successive clauses, but in switched order
A name or a phrase used ironically
Repetition of a word in a different sense.
Substitution of a proper name for a phrase or vice versa
Briefly phrased, easily memorable statement of a truth or opinion, an adage
Justifying one's actions
Faked or sincere puzzled questioning
(Invoking) an idea by denying its (invocation)
Insertion of a parenthetical entry
Directing the attention away from the audience to an absent third party, often in the form of a personified abstraction or inanimate object.
Use of an obsolete, archaic word (a word used in olden language, e.g. Shakespeare's language)
Form of hyperbole, in which a more important sounding word is used in place of a more descriptive term

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