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Can you name the find missing names in A-Z order?

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Forced Order
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english football player____Shearer
yugoslav president Josip____Tito
Argentine Marxist revolutionary Ernesto___Guevara
us actor Dick Van ____
Viking ____ the red
Us actor Harrison____
German mathematician Carl Friedrich ____
us wrestler ____Hogan
Japanese ski jumper Daiki____
french actor___Reno
Mongolian emperor Genghis ____
norwegian alpine skier ____Kjus
argentine football player Lionel____
roman emperor ___
Chancellor of Germany___von Bismarck
australian actor____Hogan
us actress____Latifah
Norwegian explorer ___Amundsen
Zulu monarch____Zulu
Slovenian alpine skier____Maze
Austrian singer____ J├╝rgens
Us american football player____Testaverde
Canadian hockey player___Gretzky
fictional character___warrior princess
cartoon character____the bear
Hungarian american actress Zsa__Gabor

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