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apprentice bullfighters
handkerchief used by president
the pole used by picador
mattress covering the horse
warning given by a bugle to signal a matador that his time is running out
whistling, expressions of disapproval
smaller cape used during the third part
the hump of muscle on bull's back
the quality of slowness and rhythm in a bullfighter's work
formal dedication of the fight
bull ring servants who aid picadores
calf, aged 1-2 years
the third part of the fight
dowels used in the second part of the fight
area between wooden fence and first row of seats
trial for young bull
procession of everyone in the fight
any formal passes made by the cape
the sword used in bullfighting
a shelter of planks for bullfighters to dodge behind
larger cape, used in first part
sparing the bull from death
man who spears bull on horseback
female toro bravos
castrated bulls used for herding
small bull, aged 3-4 years
stall in which bulls wait to enter the ring
trumpets that give signals for the changes in the fight
pass made with either capa or muleta, to lure the bull to charge
where the top of the bull's shoulder blades would cross the spine

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