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consonants onlywhole wordclue
C N M Cgood value
C S F Rtruce
D T R Lopinion piece
G M N Cself-obsessed person
H S M Tcohabitant
L M N Melement
L Q N Cgift of the gab
L Q R Call sorts
L T S Msnobbery
M B C Lidiot
M B R Chug
M P T Tcut off
M S H Lsmall animal's passage
consonants onlywhole wordclue
M T C None of these :-)
N G T Tseek a compromise
N M T Ncartoon
N N V Snot green
R D C Tpurge
R D N T Ninvestiture
R D S N Dmeteorological instrument
R L Bbody part
R P T R Tsend home
R R T Tannoy
T M D Dold-fashioned
V R D Dtook to excess
X C T Vadministration

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