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Can you name the following RPG basics?

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Kaim's daughter's name.Lost Odyssey
The country David Nassau rules.The Last Remnant
Judith's partner-in-crime.Tales of Vesperia
Aya's weapon.Infinite Undiscovery
Supposed 'evil creatures of the world.'Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Karin's element.Enchanted Arms
Kaldea underwent this type of technology transformation.The Bouncer
Gremio, that's not a boil on your face, is it????
QuestionAnswerRPG in question
Oh, Gno-sis!???
Alfina's Up In the Sky!???
Do 'lambs' live on farms in floating cities????
This penguin is such a cool tool!???
No cloud nor squall shall hinder us, Alexandria!???
CHRISTMAS Eve, Aya. Goodness. Only in New York...???
Velvet is no match for silk, Mr. Zantetsuken.???

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