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Wilder changed Nirdlinger to...
Hitchcock changed Pauline Lagerlac to...
Interestingly the man who won an academy award for writing this film didn't speak English.
The Wilder film people thought Hitchcock directed.
The Hitchcock film people thought Wilder directed
This movie was set in Washington State but was actually filmed in Germany
If you really know your voices, you would know that Addie must look like this actress.
In real life, Margot was the adopted daughter of Gary Merrill and this actress.
A jealous Zsa Zsa Gabor kept showing up on the set of this film with Marilyn Monroe to check up on her husband.
Patricia Neal didn't think she needed to audition for this film written in part by Gore Vidal
What the heck is Faulkner doing on the title card for this big movie?
Supposedly J.K. Rowling's favorite film
Supposedly Ronald Reagan's favorite film.
The color supervisor (and wife) with so many credits
Joan Fontaine's sister
This actress was badly burnt when her cape got caught in a trap door
This controversial author wrote a nice little book about The Wizard of Oz
Eva Marie Saint's first movie
Ridley Scott used this director's technique to get a glint in the eyes for Blade Runner
Screenplay for this movie was written by Bertolucci, Donati, Argento, and Leone

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