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Can you name the Top 20 Pink Floyd Songs... Go!?

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get your shoe (blank) box you nutty gem
Holler Backs
(blank)/Life Building
mmmmm.... drugs can make me this
together these 2 things = we
Mater, in Latin
Think postcards
Cha! Ching!
AY! Arnold, this jukebox ain't so broken anymore on this soap opera / or / the third piggy's house
inhale. exhale. repeat.
Baaaaaaahhhh. Baaaaaaahhhh
Dear Moon, you're a better door than a window
very very very very tiny organ parent
watch it with that sharp wood cutter, you, gene
not two, but (blank). Not night but (day)
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (copy/paste)
I say Hello, you say (blank) colored atmosphere
Lions, (blank), and Bears have gotten out of their cages

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