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Can you name the Things that happened in Mole Hunt??

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Well, it started off
with Archer, (a world renowned spy) code named
However, Archer can't take Krenshaw seriously be cause he thinks he is using a
Archer then wakes up in his apartment but freaks out because of a
He then tells Woodhouse that the only two things not allowed in his apartment are dogs and
Sterling Archer then arrives at ISIS and complains that his shirts reek of
Cyril then complains that there are discrepancies in Archer's
Well, it started off
On his way to see Malory, he sees her secretary, named
When speaking to his mother, she questions Archer on the discrepancies on his
Archer then sees Krenshaw and slaps a cup out of his hand so ISIS doesn't get
He sees Krieger, whom he calls the pita predator and the
He tries to bribe Pam with doughnuts for a favor. Archer is then seen hitting Pam with a puppet in the shape of a
He tells Pam that he is conducting a
Well, it started off
He'll drop the box of donuts and Pam can eat them up like a
Archer then says Cyril can call the stir-fry
Archer then decides to break into the
Archer logs into the computer using the password
He informs Archer that he is the mole and is from
While walking out, Lana appears. Archer warns Kremenski that Lana is
Well, it started off
Once outside, Krenshaw takes
Archer then gets the bright idea to take his ex,
When Krenshaw tells Archer that he is going to kill his mother, Archer gets an
Mallory then starts hitting Archer with her purse, which he asks if it is filled with
She then sees donuts on the ground and complains that they are going to get

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