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Each hint corresponds to a certain category of Sporcle. Misc = Miscellaneous,Lng = Language,Gmg = Gaming,Msc = Music,Rel = Religion,TV = Television,Mve = Movie,Hst = History,Geo = Geography,Spt = Sports,Ent = Entertainment,Scn = Science,JFF = Just for fun
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HintTV Show
Misc: Johnny __ Whisky
Lng: 'chico' is __ in Spanish
Gmg: Sega __ Gear
Msc: Weezer song' __ Get Dangerous'
Msc: Zac Brown __
Lng: __ is the past tense of draw
Lng: A synonym of fib is __
Rel: Good __, before Easter
TV: 'Why Did I Get __ Too?'
Lng: 'grande' is __ in Spanish
TV: '__ of Guns'
Lng: 'sábado' is __ in Spanish
Mve: ' __ Darn Cat'
TV: '__ 's Clues'
HintTV Show
Hst: Vietnam War ended in the __
Lit: '__ Mice and Men'
Geo: 'Don't mess with __ '
Mve: 'Race to Witch __ '
Gmg: 'Legend __ Zelda'
Mve: 'Kiss Kiss __ __ '
Spt: Swim or track __
Lng: An antonym of hates is __
Msc: Mariah __
Mve: '__ Of The Living Dead'
TV: '__ Tell The Truth'
Lng: Antonym of day is __
Msc: U2 ' __ or Without You'
Lit: 'The Color __ Water'
HintTV Show
Geo: The Garden __
Lng: An antonym of order or rule is __
Lit: 'A Game of __ '
Gmg: XBOX __
Ent: The Marx __
Mve: '__ ,Myself, and Irene'
Mve: '__ Of Men'
Spt: The Big __
JFF: ' __ , Camera, Action!'
TV: The Lone __
Scn: The String __
Gmg: '__ of Warcraft'
Ent: Actor __ Romano
TV: 'The Daily __ '

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