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Forced Order
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What color is George's shirt that was ruined by Chocolate?
What movie did Elaine want to see instead of The English Patient?
Who double parked to block George and Kramer in the liquor store?
Where did Jerry go on the subway?
What movie did Jerry, George, and Elaine want to see in 'The Chinese Restaurant'?
What was the name of the dog Jerry watched?
What did the Bubble Boy's dad deliver?
Where does Jerry's cousin work?
What did the actor playing Kramer steal?
What did George lose in side a pothole?
Question Answer
What group did Russel join?
When George made the model of the conference room, what does Jerry say should play George?
What does George hit when trying to avoid a pigeon in the road?
What is the name of the belt-less raincoat?
What did Morty and Hellen buy Elaines boyfriend?
What does Elaine score the second time taking the IQ test?
Who won the contest?
What is George's pleasure trifecta?
Where does Kramer swim?
What did Elaine's boyfriend paint in The Junior Mint?

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