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The Utter Majesty...imagine just how many cans of dog food you could make from just one!!
Stocking up on steaks, in case it's a vampire shark.
I only trust Admiral Ackbar when deciding whether or not something, 'IS A TRAP!'
Behold the power of ALL FABRIC BLEACH!!!
It's telling that we're 10 minutes into the movie and he's the second person to ask that
Get ready for this, the Citizen Kane of Bad movies.
So the rules of magic seem to be you make up stuff to do, then you make up words to do them.
I want to chomp into your throoaaat. And watch you bleed out on the flooooor. The i'll bathe myself in your life essence as you diiiee! Tear your heart out of your chest, and crack
THAT'S for using low grade fertilzer. THAT's for letting my braches rot. THAT'S for the damn tire swing. And what did you do on Arbor Day? YOU WENT TO THE ZOO!! HOW DOES THAT HONOR
To the Weeny-mobile!
Riff quoteMovie
And you're short, but tomorrow, I'll wake up and I won't be late anymore.
Alright guys, get ready for this movie's version of the pod race.
So you're telling me that this billion dollar grossing, Oscar nominated film has extended scenes of butterfly dragon flying through waterfalls and rainbows?
That's weird, I don't sense any plot at all.
Give us the prisoner....or the One Ring...whatever the hell we obssesively search for.
Huh? That's not a new moon! Jesus son of a **** BITCH!! WHAT THE **** KIND OF STINKIN' PIECE OF **** TEEN VAMPIRE BULLSHIT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!
Yeah, not a good idea to hire Lady GaGa for the U.S.O show.
We named it after the last good Terminator movie.
Hey look, it's Doctor um.......Who. No, no give me a minute I'm thinking....
Yep, planet destruction is NOTHING next to moving junk with your mind.

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