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Creature DescriptionAppears in
sickle-shaped killing claw on second toe of each foot.Jurassic Park
speculative flightless future bat.Primeval
acid for blood, gruesome life-cycle.Alien franchise
full moonmythology
six-legged, wolf-likeAvatar
future marine primatePrimeval
culture/religion/society based off of huntingPredator franchise
quantum locked statues.Doctor Who
sanguivorous humanoidmythology
name derived from the Greek 'thanatos'Avatar
largest bipedal land predator - Darwin IVAlien Planet
mischellaneous fire breathing reptilesmythology
tyrant lizard kingJurassic Park
flies via jet propulsion - predaciousAlien Planet
largest ever carnivorous fishprehistory
largest Pandoran mega-herbivoreAvatar
saber toothPrimeval
Future hymanopteranPrimeval
cyborg race bent on total conformity.Doctor Who
six legged anteater horseAvatar
giant azhdarchid (Romania)prehistory
largest theropodJurassic Park III
feeds off of the ameobic seaAlien Planet
erroneously portrayed with frill, spitting venomJurassic Park
Creature DescriptionAppears in
human torso bound to horse's body, skinlessmythology
guards Cirith Ungolthe Lord of the Rings
speculative color changing primatePrimeval
future arboreal cephalopodThe Future is Wild
reptillian/avian hybrid, kills with staremythology
saber toothed marsupialprehistory
largest known amphibian of all time.prehistory
can see through time, wiped out in time war.Doctor Who
9 foot, blue humanoid.Avatar
giant Eocene whale.prehistory
midgard serpentmythology
25 meter wingspan, blue sagittal crestsAvatar
largest land arthropodPrimeval
two legs, originally four, two pairs fused.Alien Planet
future flying fishThe Future is Wild
flightless killer birds (past)Primeval
gliding membranes, climbs trees by digging its dagger hands into the barkAlien Planet
six legged dear. fan structures on headAvatar
speculative arboreal dinosaurPrimeval
goat/lion/snake hybridmythology
buries itself underground to absorb nutrients, trees growing on backAlien Planet
flying steed of the nazgulThe Lord of the Rings
spiraling, carnivorous zooplantAvatar
sail-backed predacious pelycosaurprehistory
only contemporary species of Homovarous

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